• Awesome winter season has ended, thanks and see you next fall •


Winter season was very busy. Although the winter season is now officially over, we still have lots of snow. I guess that you could ski here until summer.

We had lots of British tourists here in Levi during this winter and we also had visitors from many different countries, the number of tourists really has increased this season. I think it´s great that people from all over the world have found our wonderful winter wonderland and they keep coming back over and over again. There is only one place in the world where you can experience the unique Lappish atmosphere. 

After the period of polar nights and long winter time it was time to say goodbye to the cold winter days and welcome the warmth of spring days and sun. We Finns really enjoy all the winter activities, but it´s so lovely to wake up to the spring time every year. It really feels like waking up for us :)

Now it´s time to lay back, enjoy the sun and take a little break before next season. We ended this season with joyful celebration and carnival spirit on first of May

I want to thank all of our customers for the season and  I hope we´ll see again next season! But before that – Let´s all enjoy of the wonderful summertime, let´s hope it´s warm and sunny!

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See you in Levi!