• Spring and sun are already here and easter is just around the cornes •


Welcome spring and sun! We really missed you. The light is increasing rapidly this time of year and it surprises me every year over and over again. I just love it :)

Easter is one of the busiest times of the spring season here in Levi and we have plenty of visitors who like to enjoy our wonderful easy-going atmosphere and sunny weather. We still have lots and lots of snow so you can enjoy all the great winter activities here as much as you like. You can have a nice break and enjoy a lunch or refreshing drink on of the many slope restaurants. And if you are lucky you might see some reindeers or other wild animals enjoying the sunny landscape.

Did you know, that this time of year the daytime here in Lapland is starting to be longer that what it is in Southern Finland. This is the time when we start our journey towards the Midnight Sun.

In springtime, it´s important to remember to protect your eyes against the powerful and strong sunlight. And let´s not forget that stylish and functional sunglasses can really crown your sunny spring day :)

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- Katri -