• In the heart of winter •

Elan Ski Shop & Rental Levi

This time of year, there is only a couple of hours daylight every day. During short day time, we can all enjoy beautiful pastel colors in the sky – every now and then we can even see the sun. 

I just love snow, it´s such a wonderful energy source and it gives us so much light. It gives me so much joy just to take my skis and head to the forest to enjoy peaceful landscape.

Peaceful and quiet autumn has changed into a busy winter season. There are lots of tourists from abroad all over, especially British tourists have found Levi. It´s been great to notice that tourists from all over the world have found our wonderful Lapland and they come back every year to enjoy our wonderful nature and everything that Finnish Lapland with it´s warm hospitality can offer. Many of the tourists from abroad haven´t seen snow before, so it must be a memorable experience for them just to see our snowy forests, mountains and feel the fresh air.

Christmas time is finally here! Have you seen any elves yet? I have seen few small footprints in the snow and I´m pretty sure that Santa´s little helpers have already started their preparations for Christmas and we have also prepared some nice sets for Christmas presents in our store. Remember to check our latest news from Instagram and Facebook.

Be good, Santa Claus is coming to town!